12/7/2023, 11:27:43 AM

#heroes #orchestra #newsletter
Hello! 🛡
Do you want to have access to exclusive content ❓
Don't wanna miss our upcoming events❓
Want to be the first to know about tickets❓
Do you want to know what pieces we are working on❓
Would you like us to play your favorite song someday❓
When are we releasing the next album❓

Join our newsletter crew to get ALL the info! ⚔️

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12/5/2023, 10:43:30 AM

Yooo! 🛡
If you want to support us with organizing upcoming events, consider purchasing our CD's, music files or merch! 😘👌


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12/4/2023, 11:16:43 AM

Hello! 🛡
FULL HOMM3 concert with maestro Paul Anthony Romero is just part of what we are planning for this insane event - 25th Anniversary of HOMM3.
More info / tickets comming soon! 🚀

There has never been an event like this before! 👑👌
Hope you ready! 🔥🔥

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12/3/2023, 11:30:51 AM

Yooo! 🛡

unpopular opinion:
HOMM5 music is better than HOMM5 gameplay.


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12/1/2023, 11:54:05 AM

Hello! 🛡
Most of you will say WoW is a 'dead game'...
Did you enjoy new WoW Classic: SoD? 🤔
Looks really cool! 😍🤩

If you wanna play with HO team, we are on Living Flame (EU). 🌎

they stole SoD from us... SoD is Shadow of Death (HOMM3)... ☠️

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11/29/2023, 1:55:59 PM

25th Anniversary of HOMM3 comming soon! 🎂
We are planning a HOMM3 (on-line) tournament! 👑

You don't know how to play online? No problem. ⚔️
Haven't you played pvp before? No problem. ⚔️

✅ 100% we will help you with everything! 👌
✅ 100% casual friendly! 👌
✅ 100% open for eveyone! 👌 partnership! 👌

Would you be interested? 💖

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11/28/2023, 1:34:57 PM

Nie zatrzymujemy się jeśli chodzi o nagrania z Gothica! 🌪🔥
Tym razem przepiękny utwór gitarowy! 🎸💖


- NIGHT! 💪
- NIGHT! 💪

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11/27/2023, 1:14:22 PM

#heroes #orchestra #ishtar #gothic
Hej! 🛡
Nagrań z Gothica ciąg dalszy! 😍😊🎶

Ishtar to główna siedziba asasynów w Varancie.
Otoczona jest wielkim murem w kształcie półkola. Ishtar zbudowano u podnóży gór. U jego stóp rozciąga się równina studni, którą zarządza Kafa. Jest to najdalej wysunięte na południowy zachód miasto w Varancie.

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11/25/2023, 10:44:18 AM

Hello. 🛡
We just wanted to remind you that March 3 next year is the 25th Anniversary of the HOMM3. So if you don't have any plans yet...

Have a nice day! 🔥

📸 Alek Kozłowski

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11/24/2023, 2:31:22 PM


More Gothic ❓
More Baldur's Gate when❓
Kiedy Wrocław❓
Why you always play with the choir❓
Kiedy Kraków❓
Heroes Orchestra members playing HOMM❓
What's your favorite HOMM piece❓
Any concerts with maestro Romero❓
Zagracie coś z SIMS'ów❓


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11/23/2023, 10:41:31 AM

Hello! 🛡
Anyone remember this one? 🥹

I don't believe how good are HOMM tracks around the all the series: Might and Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic but also HOMM2 on gameboy was just insane! 😍

If you don't know this one, check link it in the first comment. 🎻🎶

3DO 👑

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11/21/2023, 1:32:49 PM

#heroes #orchestra #discord
Hello 🛡
We are planning to create official Heroes Orchestra discord server.
We will be adding exclusive new content and all information about recordings or concerts. 🌎👌
You won't miss any concert anymore! 🎻🎶
Also we will be happy to talk with you about any topic. 🥰

Would you be interested? 🔥

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11/19/2023, 1:05:46 PM

Hello! 🛡
Happy Anniversary! 🥳

The first official Heroes Orchestra concert took place 6 years ago!

We played: HOMM3 Main theme, HOMM3 Inferno, HOMM3 Necropolis, HOMM3 Stronghold, HOMM3 Fortress, HOMM3 Tower and HOMM3 Combat 02!

What a cool playlist! 😁💪

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11/18/2023, 11:48:11 AM

Rate my setup (by Lech Olczak) 🐎🎮🕶

Heroes of Might & Magic 10 (2027)
same gameplay, same graphic, but you can ride your horse 😅

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11/17/2023, 1:54:41 PM

A long time ago in a galaxy
far, far away.... ⭐️✨🚀

R2D2 probably still waiting for the Factory update 😂

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11/17/2023, 5:50:56 AM

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11/17/2023, 5:50:56 AM

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11/17/2023, 5:50:56 AM

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11/17/2023, 5:50:56 AM

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11/15/2023, 2:15:47 PM

Hej! 🛡
Za dwa tygodnie 25 urodziny Baldur's Gate! 🎂
Świętujemy, bo niejedną noc przy tym tytule spędziliśmy! 🔥

Dawno, dawno temu nagraliśmy klip z Candlekeep, teraz pora na Friendly Arms Inn! 🎻🍻🎶

Linki do obu utworów w komentarzu! 👌

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11/14/2023, 1:26:51 PM

#heroes #bezimienny
A przyszłym roku na poważnie atakujemy serię Gothic! ⚔️🔥
Czekamy na wasze propozycje, wpiszcie tutaj swoje ulubione utwory z Gothica! 🎻🎶

Co już mamy / jest w przygotowaniach?
✅ Vista Point
✅ Old Camp
✅ Khorinis
⌛️ Ishtar
⌛️ Pirate Camp
⌛️ Geldern by Night

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11/12/2023, 4:05:57 PM

RAMPART AI by Curtis Thygerson. 🌳🧝‍♀️🦄

this guy is legend, amazing job. 🏆

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11/11/2023, 10:09:14 AM


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11/10/2023, 12:21:35 PM

- ey bro, wanna play HOMM3?
- sure, but we don't have PC here... so?

- hold my... BATTERY! 🔋👌

HOMM community is just the best! 😂💖

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11/9/2023, 11:10:07 AM

Hello! 🛡
The last two days we have been working on the new album! 📀
It's gonna be sooo goooood! 🥰🎶

serious recording sessions ✅
not very serious photos ✅

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